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Heterosis on the Hi-Line Bull Sale

Turner Angus Bull Sale: April 7, 2017
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Welcome to this year's sale. I hope you had a great year. If you are unfamiliar with my operation, I run a survival of the fittest type herd. Annual precipitation is less than 10 inches. Drought is common, wet years rare. My cattle are broad muzzled, big ribbed and medium framed. They are what's left after years of drought and me trying to starve a profit out of them.

I had about 7 inches of rain this year so it wasn't a bad grass year. I didn't cut back enough from 15's drought so I grubbed off a few pastures pretty hard and my weaning weights were down about 100 lbs. OUCH. I have read where weaning weights have stayed flat for the last 20 years. I know my weaning weights are based on rainfall and pasture management, or the lack there of. If you want to increase weaning weights, run fewer cows.

I have been building a line bred herd of cattle. The more line bred the bull the more consistent his offspring and the more heterosis or growth he will produce for you. He will stamp his calves with his type. The place where these bulls will shine is in producing no maintenance low input females.

The most important trait for me is mothering ability. I have culled some nice bulls because I didn't like their mothers. I am the laziest rancher in the country and I refuse to babysit my cows. They produce on their own or they go down the road. These bulls will make your life safer, easier, and help improve your quality of life.

I hope you can make it to the sale. Give me a call if you have any questions. When it comes to talking cattle I have the B.S. gene.








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